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    Home APPLICATION PROJECT Cantilever Racking Case Project for Texas USA customer
    • Cantilever Racking Case Project for Texas USA customer

    • 1970-01-01

    Mr. Berg is a racking system wholesaler in the United States and we have worked with him many times. Because the price of raw steel in the U.S. about twice as much as in China, it’s clearly more affordable to buy warehouse racks from China, even with shipping. So Mr. Berg imported cheaper cantilever racking from us in China to his customers in local,get more profits on the premise of ensuring the quality of the racks.

    Project Profile
    Warehouse Location: Texas, USA
    Measurement Area: 170 square
    Passage Width: 5 meters
    Consuming Time: 10 days
    Project Leader: Mr. Berg

    Rack Data
    Rack Size: L1200*D1500*H3300(mm)
    Bearing Capacity: 300kg/arm
    Layers: 4
    Color: orange&blue

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