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    • How to choose the suitable supermarket shelf

    • 2022-4-29

    These days, I always received many people’s inquiry of supermarket shelf. Someone asked: I want some supermarket shelf, how much? Or Hi, I need some the most cheaper supermarket shelf, can you give me the price including the sea freight cost from China to our country? 

    As the professional man who was worked in the factory of warehouse storage system so many years. There are some details which you need while making a enquiry of supermarket shelf or others warehouse shelving and racking.

    1.If you have the drawing of the store, our design will accord it to make full use of space.

    2.If you have favorable models of supermarket shelf, you can send to us for reference, if  not, please let us know your requirement of shelf, (luxury、cost-effective and others especial requirements).

    3.The size of shelf; the loading capacity or what products will put on. According to different loading capacity, we use the different thickness of material.

    Besides, the sea freight cost is unstable recently, always we use the price on loading day. 

    Who we are? ACEALLY(INTERNATIONAL) GROUP CO,.LTD. been set up close to professional galvanized industrial park, and we have more than 8 automatic rolling lines, which generate beams, box sections and step sections. Aceally’s high standards in the design and its manufacturing of the systems enables our products with a 10 years warranty.

    supermarket shelf

    About supermarket shelf, we have so many project can send you for reference. We also have plastic bin; shopping trolley; shopping cart.

    Our best selling size of supermarket shelf:

    Single-side shelf :L900*D450*H2000*5layer (30kg/layer)

    Double-side shelf :L900*D450*H2000*5layer (30kg/layer)

    Ending shelf :L900*D450*H2000*5layer (30kg/layer)

    With more than 20 years experience. We have full confidence to make you and your customer satisfy.

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