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    Home Product News What are the precautions for installing attic shelves
    • What are the precautions for installing attic shelves

    • 2022-4-21

    As the name suggests, the attic shelf has built a 2-3-storey air attic on its own basis, making full use of the upper space, which is the main reason why it has more storage space than other shelves. The popularity of attic shelves is getting higher and higher, and more and more enterprises choose to use attic shelves to store goods. It is different from the installation of ordinary shelves. The installation process needs to pay attention to the following points.

    Before the installation of the attic shelf, there should be a plan for the cost and overall design of the shelf to avoid problems in the installation process, such as the ground is flat, and the net height of the warehouse should not be higher than 3.8m. Because of this structure, the storage of goods will follow the principle of heavy bottom and light top. At the same time, the multi-storey structure can also use mechanical equipment such as arrival ladder for cargo loading and unloading. These channels must be designed before installation. Moreover, it also has certain requirements for the site. The multi-storey structure makes the space too low to play its maximum role.

    Based on the above points, we can basically get the precautions in the installation of attic shelves. The first thing we should pay attention to is the location. Before installation, be sure to determine the area and height of the site, and then select the most appropriate attic frame size according to these. Determine the shelf, do not forget to check and accept before installation, and determine the quality of the shelf.

    During the installation process, please remember to compare with the drawings and the site at any time. In case of any irrationality, please modify it in time. Any measuring instrument used in installation must comply with national standards, otherwise it will be far from perfect. Don't forget to check after installation to ensure that each step is in place before storage.Please remember to reserve enough space for cargo transportation, otherwise there will be insufficient space after installation. In the process of mechanical transportation, it is easy to bump, or even impossible to transport at all.

    Pay attention to the above points during installation. The specific installation steps are not particularly difficult, because the attic shelf is a splicing structure, so it is not difficult to install. As long as it is installed according to the relevant instructions. Keep the above points in mind. There will be no big problems during installation.

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