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    Home Product News What are the structure and advantages of steel tray?
    • What are the structure and advantages of steel tray?

    • 2022-4-26

    With the development of the logistics industry, more and more manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for the convenience of goods storage and the efficiency of goods in and out of the warehouse. Steel pallets are widely used. Steel pallets can be used in these occasions, no matter in the production workshop or warehouse in the factory, e-commerce logistics or bonded warehouse.

    The main material of steel tray is steel or galvanized steel plate, which is rolled and formed by special cold rolling equipment. Various profiles support each other and welded by CO2 gas shielded welding.

    Advantages of steel tray

    1. The carrying capacity of steel tray is stronger than that of plastic tray and wood tray.

    2. 100% environmental protection, recyclable, in line with the development trend of national environmental protection concept.

    3. The surface shall be treated with rust prevention and the periphery shall be treated with edge wrapping. The steel tray chassis is firm, with light overall weight and strong rigidity, which can meet the needs of any goods stored on storage shelves.

    4. Waterproof and moisture-proof; Compared with wooden pallets, it has environmental protection advantages (for example, wooden pallets are easy to breed pests and mildew).

    5. Flexible and convenient, four-way insertion design virtually improves the convenience of space utilization and operation, and its solid chassis design meets the use of conveying roll off and automatic packaging system.

    Steel pallet is also an important means of transportation in the logistics and storage industry. If you want to know more, welcome to consult.

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