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On November 28, 2019, the 28th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flower Film Festival series supporting activities -- The first Internet film entertainment festival and “ flying heron” entertainment night was held in the strait hall of Xiamen international convention center. More than a thousand people gathered for the event.

The ceremony is star-studded. There were not only young and excellent actors dressed up to attend, but also famous old actors in person.

the 28th China Golden Rooster & Hundred Flower Film Festival
Aceally (International) Group CEO -- Shengchun Wang

In addition, the CEO of Aceally (International) Group -- Shengchun Wang, an entrepreneur, was invited to participate in this grand ceremony with relevant personnel of other Internet industry institutions and delivered an important speech, exchanging successful experiences and future development trends of Internet film and television with industry personnel.

Victor Wang sent great congratulations on the successful opening of the event and said that it is the honor of every entrepreneur to participate in “ the First Internet film entertainment festival and ‘ flying heron’ entertainment night” to help the grand opening of the Golden Rooster Film Festival. At the same time, as a warehouse solution company founded in 1935, Aceally sincerely wishes the prosperity of Chinese film culture in the future!

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