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Project Case

February 14, 2023
Project: Steel Decks & Separators for Racks in 2022

What are steel decks and separators? In construction projects, steel decking is a popular material. It is made of steel and is often used as a base for pouring concrete slabs or as a support for roofing systems. Separators are typically used in conjunction with steel decking to provide additional support and stability. Steel decks […]

February 7, 2022
Project: Radio Shuttle Racking, Selective Pallet Racking, and Carton Live Storage in 2021

Project Type: Radio Shuttle Racking, Selective Pallet Racking, Carton Live Storage.Industry: Cold storageProject Date: December 2021Location: Saudi ArabiaArea: Around 2000sqm We export a large project to the Middle East last season, which took the installation team about 2 months to install them. The project includes Radio Shuttle Racking, Selective Pallet Racking, and Carton Live Storage. […]

June 21, 2021
Project: Drive in Rack (First In Last Out) in Saudi Arabia in 2021

Project Type: Drive in Rack (First In Last Out)
Industry: Cold Storage
Project Date: 20th, June, 2021
Location: Saudi Arabia
Area: Around 1000sqm
Aceally Drive in Rack is widely used for cold storage in the Middle East, it helps to improve the warehouse space, and improve the site area utilization rate.

February 27, 2020
Project: NYPD GENERAL TRADING Bahrain for Racking Systems

Good morning, NYPD GENERAL TRADING, the Kingdom of Bahrain, our company successfully in Supplying and installed racking systems, in one of the ministries here in Bahrain. We had the support and cooperation of Aceally International Group for this project. The company's products and services are wonderful

February 14, 2020
Project: Mini Mezzanine Case in 2020

The steel platform reasonably uses the limited warehouse space of the guests and establishes an independent finished product storage area in the blank area beside the racking system, which is tiny and greatly improves the storage efficiency. At the same time as reasonable utilization of limited space, the best scheme material selection is used to […]

January 9, 2020
Project: Cantilever Rack Case in 2020

Project Type: Cantilever Rack | Warehouse Location: Texas, USA | Measurement Area: 170 square | Passage Width: 5 meters

December 29, 2019
Project: Heavy Duty Pallet Racks for Tiles Storage in 2019

The Project Fiji Warehouse for Yard 5 was ordered for production on 14th, June 2019, Heavy Duty Pallet Racks L2700d1100h4050mm, Max Weight Load 4000kg Per Beam Level. We loaded the container on 11th, July after all was ready well, communication with the customer is always good, and they received our container at end of August, they started their installation in early September

December 3, 2019
Project: Triple-post frame longspan shelving for fabrics in Africa

Customized design for fabric storage by using a creative triple–frame of longspan shelving with zinc panels, which not only meets the storage requirements of customers but also saves the cost of the shelving system. The following is a project just built for a fabric factory in Africa. All galvanized plate sheet decking is a completely […]

December 2, 2019
Project: Longspan Shelving WSP19001 Rack Equipment for Lao PDR Power Plant in 2019

Project Type: Longspan ShelvingIndustry: WSP19001 Rack EquipmentProject Date: December 2, 2019Location: Power plant in Lao PDRArea: Around 1000sqm Longspan Shelving: L1200D500H2150mm, with 5 beam levels. Max weight load: 200kg/level. With 12 main racks. Selective Pallet Racking: L2400D1200H4800mm, with 3 beam levels. Max weight Load: 1000kg/level. With 9 main racks and 42 addon racks. What a […]

October 30, 2019
Project: Heavy Duty Pallet Racks in Fiji in 2019

On 2th, July 2019, a new Fiji client was recommended by our old customer who ordered the heavy-duty pallet racks from us (L2500*D1000*H4275mm*with 3 beam levels*max weight load 1000kg per beam level), we did our best to finish production within 23days, with and loaded the container with safety export package on 24th, July.  The container […]

October 21, 2019
Project: Steel Mezzanine Platform at Manila in 2019

Project Type: Steel Mezzanine+Shelving SystemIndustry: Electronic equipmentProject Date: 17th, Oct 2019Location: ManilaArea: Around 1000sqm This Steel Mezzanine Platform system helps the client to have more usable space with better storage management in order to enhance warehousing efficiency.  Kindly let me know if you have an interest in this kind of mezzanine system or if you […]

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