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Project: Steel Decks & Separators for Racks in 2022

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Racks with Steel Deckings & Separators

Project information

This project used steel decks and separators for racks in the Philippines in 2022. We supply steel deck 560 PCS and separator 3360 PCS.

On June 1st, 2022, our Philippines customer ordered the steel decking (L2600D930) 560 PCS and separators (L900)* 3360 PCS from us. We did our best to finish production within 25 days and loaded the container with a safety export package on June 27th.

The container arrived at Client's warehouse at the beginning of July 2022, and they finished their installation in July. These are their beautiful and excellent work. They are very happy with our quality and service and are willing to do more business with us. Great team, great job!

What are steel decks and separators?

In construction projects, steel decking is a popular material. It is made of steel and is often used as a base for pouring concrete slabs or as a support for roofing systems. Separators are typically used in conjunction with steel decking to provide additional support and stability.

Steel decks and separators can also be used in industrial settings, particularly for storage racks in warehouses and distribution centers.

In this context, steel decks usually serve as bases for heavy loads, such as pallets. The decks are often made of high-strength steel and can be designed to support specific load capacities. Steel decks can also be perforated or have drainage channels to allow for water to flow through, which can be useful in areas with high humidity or moisture.

Separators for racks are used to create space between each level of the storage rack. This helps prevent damage to goods from contact with the shelves above or below and additional stability to the overall structure. Separators can be made of various materials, including plastic or metal, and can be designed to fit specific rack configurations and load capacities.

Using steel decks and separators in industrial storage applications can provide several benefits, including increased safety, improved organization and accessibility, and more efficient storage and material handling.

We manufacture steel decks and separators in various sizes, if you are interested, please feel free to reach out to me for any further information.


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