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Maintenance of Storage Racks

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Maintenance of storage racks is an essential aspect of ensuring the safety and longevity of the equipment. Storage racks are commonly used in warehouses and other industrial settings to store and organize materials, products, and equipment. These racks come in various sizes and shapes, and they can hold a significant amount of weight.

Maintenance of Storage Racks
Maintenance of Storage Racks

However, over time, storage racks can become damaged or worn out due to regular use, improper loading, or environmental factors. This can lead to safety hazards, such as collapses or structural failures, which can cause injuries, damage to property, and even fatalities.

Regular maintenance and inspection of storage racks can help to identify any potential safety hazards and prevent accidents from occurring. This can include visual inspections of the racks for damage, regular cleaning and upkeep, and load capacity testing.

It is important for employees and employers to understand the importance of proper maintenance and safety protocols when it comes to storage racks. This can help to prevent accidents and ensure the safe and efficient operation of the facility.

Why maintain storage racks?

Storage racks need to be maintained in order to ensure the safety of personnel and the products they are storing. Regular maintenance should include inspecting the racks for any signs of wear, corrosion, or damage. Additionally, any loose or missing parts should be replaced, and the racks should be secured to the floor to prevent them from tipping over.

Anti pressure

Storage Racks of different specifications and models are all made according to load. Therefore, the net weight of goods placed on the storage shelf must be within the load of the storage shelf. It is better for the warehouse manager to do a good job in the load check mark on the storage shelf. The bottom of the shelf shall follow the principle of lightweight, that is, the bottom is heavy and the top is light.

Anti-collision protection

Most of the most easily damaged shelves are the columns at the channel and corner, which are usually deformed. The shelf supplier shall be equipped with corresponding anti-collision columns according to different shelves, channel widths, and transportation tools. Crash barriers shall be installed at all access points. The installation of an isolation pier has a very key effect on maintaining the upright pole of the storage shelf.

Experts are required to use propulsion vehicles

In particular, heavy machinery and high-rise frame warehouses must be equipped with power propulsion vehicles, and the use and operation of propulsion vehicles must be operated by a licensed person in charge. Most of the deformation of shelf columns is caused by non-designated personnel using trucks. In addition, it is best to customize the shelf beam to yellow to identify the truck operator.

Moisture-proof, sunscreen, and rainproof

Although the shelf columns and beams are painted metal products, they may rust for a long time after being exposed to moisture and sunlight, thus affecting their service life. There are many boards for the frame plate. The position next to the window is the easiest to rain. Once it rains, the board will deform and float.

Specify the shelf usage system

Different warehouses, different goods, and each warehouse shelf have different ways of use. The warehouse manager shall establish a shelf-use system so that each shelf user can learn and abide by it. This is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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