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Project: Cantilever Rack Case in 2020

January 9, 2020
Cantilever Rack

Project Type: Cantilever Rack

Warehouse Location: Texas, USA
Measurement Area: 170 square
Passage Width: 5 meters
Consuming Time: 10 days
Project Leader: Mr. Berg

Description of Cantilever Rack:

  1. Rack specification: L1200D1500H3300
  2. Number of arms: 3 layers of arm + base layer
  3. Rack bearing: 300 kg/arm;
  4. Arm can be up and down adjust according 140mm.
Cantilever Rack Structural Drawing

Cantilever shelves allow for the storage and organization of items that cannot easily be stored on pallets. Warehouses use cantilever columns that support the cantilever. This allows for the horizontal storage of longer and heavier items on multiple arms. This is the key difference between cantilever racking and pallet racking. The tray rack has vertical uprights that limit the length of stored items. That doesn't mean that cantilever racks can't store traditional pallets.

The design of a cantilever rack is such that it consists of vertical columns with horizontal arms that extend outward. These arms are known as the cantilever arms and are used to support the stored items. The arms are adjustable and can be moved up or down to accommodate items of different lengths.

Cantilever racks are ideal for storing long and heavy items as they allow for easy access and retrieval of the items. They are also suitable for items that are difficult to stack or are too heavy to be lifted by hand. They provide an efficient storage solution while also maximizing the use of floor space in a warehouse or storage facility.

Some of the common applications of cantilever racks include:

  1. Lumber yards and hardware stores: Cantilever racks are commonly used in lumber yards and hardware stores to store lumber, pipes, and other building materials.
  2. Manufacturing facilities: Cantilever racks are used in manufacturing facilities to store raw materials, finished products, and work-in-progress items.
  3. Automotive industry: Cantilever racks are used in the automotive industry to store car parts, tires, and other components.
  4. Retail industry: Cantilever racks are used in retail stores to store long items such as carpets, rugs, and mattresses.
  5. Construction sites: Cantilever racks are used on construction sites to store scaffolding, lumber, and other construction materials.

Overall, cantilever racks are a versatile storage solution that can be used in a wide range of industries and applications to store long and bulky items efficiently.

Our factory can customize and produce Cantilever Racking of various specifications according to business needs, interested in finding out more about Cantilever Racks or Cantilever Rack Options for your warehouse? Request more information now.

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