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Aceally Heavy duty pallet rack has the following standard: high-quality steel from a large-scale steel group company; each resolution is specially designed for each customer.

Types of column sections are: 80mm, 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, 120mm, 130mm, 140mm, 150mm, and 160mm. Types of rack structures are pallet rack, drive-in, push back, gravity, and VN Selective Pallet Racking, commonly known as adjustable pallet racking, this is perhaps the most popular and economical form of pallet racking providing safe 100% selective storage up to 11.5m in height, fully utilizing valuable is space.

Aceally Pallet Racking can be designed to meet virtually any pallet size or weight and can be used with all types of lift trucks. A wide range of accessories is available to accommodate non-standard loads. It is the simplest of all Pallet Rack Storage Systems and provides access to every pallet. Low-cost equipment can be used offering simple adjustability and adaptability. Storage density is low with only 35% floor space used and only 25% cubic space used.

Despite its simplicity, Aceally Pallet Racking can handle heavy loads and can be designed to accommodate a wide range of pallet sizes and weights. Additionally, a range of accessories are available to support non-standard loads and further customize the system to meet specific requirements.

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