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Advantages of using steel pallets in storage

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Galvanized Steel Pallet

The steel pallet is a container unit tool used for the mechanized loading, unloading, handling, and stacking of goods. Its basic structure is composed of longitudinal beams or cushion blocks, legs, etc. under the single-layer planking. The height of the pallet is based on the principle of convenient use of forklift or pallet truck;

In the warehouse, steel pallets are usually placed on the shelf to lift and place goods, in addition to being used to put things on the ground. So what are the advantages of using steel pallets in storage?

In addition to light and medium-sized laminate shelves, other storage shelves basically need pallets to cooperate to release goods. The planning and bearing of shelves are different, so pallets need corresponding heavy support. While purchasing shelves, steel pallet manufacturers also directly purchased pallets from the company or entrusted to purchase pallets. However, due to the different conditions of goods stored by each company, the pallets used are also different.

Steel tray is referred to as steel tray and iron tray for short. The primary data of steel tray is steel plate or galvanized steel plate, which has advantages in load-bearing strength and corrosion resistance. Steel pallets are used in many goods storage. The supplied form of steel pallets is similar to that of shelves. It also adopts the method of customized processing. In addition to the conventional size, it can also plan and customize non-standard steel pallets according to the customer's storage needs.

Planning the dimensions of steel pallets and selecting relative steel data need to be determined according to the detailed characteristics of goods and storage. For example, how much the whole product is, how many large-scale, how much space there is on each shelf, etc.

Of course, wooden pallets and plastic pallets are also common handling and storage equipment in shelf storage. However, wooden pallets made of wood will have an impact on forestry resources. The plastic tray is easy to be worn and relatively heavy in quality. When selecting different pallets, it depends on detailed transactions.

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