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Why do plastic pallets gradually replace wooden pallets?

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Stacking Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are logistics units that are used in conjunction with logistics equipment such as forklifts and shelves. It can be used to store, load, and move goods, and it is one of the essential logistics equipment in modern logistics warehousing.

The emergence of plastic pallets is the best product to meet the needs for environmental protection. Using plastic pallets instead of wooden pallets can reduce the damage to the forest, it is an inevitable product to adapt to the development of the logistics industry. With the continuous strengthening of the concept of food safety, the pharmaceutical industry has high requirements for hygiene. Plastic trays are favored and sought after by the food and pharmaceutical industries for their anti-corrosion, moisture-proof, anti-rust, anti-moth, and no mold.

Why plastic pallets replace wooden pallets?

Plastic Pallet is deeply loved by people because of their long service life, high bearing performance, and green and environmental protection. Now the market share of plastic pallets is increasing year by year. According to reports, plastic pallets are updated and developed at an annual growth rate of 20%, and the prospect is optimistic. In comparison, although wood pallets are relatively cheap, the damage to the ecology is incalculable because of the need to felling a large number of trees for raw materials.

With the concept of green environmental protection deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the use and development of wood pallets are gradually limited. At the same time, countries all over the world have very strict requirements for wood. It must be treated and tested when it is exported. This is also one of the reasons why some customers choose plastic pallets. Plastic pallets can be directly used for export without fumigation and other formalities. It is the most used and most convenient product in the export industry at present.

Compared with other pallets, plastic pallets have a very obvious advantage. They not only have strong durability but also can be reused. The pallet itself has lightweight, which makes it easier to load, unload and stack goods. Moreover, the plastic pallet has various colors, can be printed and is easy to mark, which is favored by many enterprises, logistics, and other industries. Many innovations have been made in the manufacturing technology of plastic pallets because of the market demand.

In addition, plastic pallets have characteristics of high bearing capacity and long service life and widely used in chemical, textile, manufacturing, and other fields. it has better adaptability and can better meet user needs. If you have special needs, customize the scheme, develop the mold and customize it on demand, you can contact us. Request more information now.

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