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Structure of Wire Container

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Every part of the wire container has its advantages and they are all combined together to support a stable and rigid structure of the wire container.

wire container structure
  1. Metal clamp strong auxiliary structure to ensure the strength of the spiral hinge.
  2. Multi-angle square-stack legs provide the strong support ability for more pieces in one stack. Special feet structure to guarantee the stability of wire containers when loading and stacking.
  3. The flexible Safety Locking Bolts guarantee the safe and reliable loading of mesh containers to prevent goods from horizontally throwing out.
  4. Multiple spot welding techniques ensure the strong and durable structure of the wire containers.
  5. Spiral hinges connect the meshes making the wire container can be folded when not used, so as to reduce the occupied space.
  6. Bending-shaped metal handle, natural to grasp and easy to open and lock.
  7. Independent bolt and drop gate makes it easy to open the wire container and fetch the products when stacked.
  8. Reinforced U-type channels prevent the structure from transforming while loading and keep the goods safer.
  9. Steel card holder with logo, product name, or number makes it easy to identify.

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