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Folding Roll Container also called Collapsible Roll Container, or Folding Roll Cage, Collapsible Roll Cage, It refers to a container with a bottom (usually plastic) that can be folded lengthwise. Such a roll container saves a lot of space during transport and storage. It's an ideal solution for couriers, shipping lines, or companies that need extra rolling containers during periods of increased traffic. However, they don't want the rolling containers to take up too much space when they are not in use during the off-season. Then you may decide to choose a collapsible roll container.

Folding Roll Container

Key features of our folding roll containers

  • Can be used with the unloading platform, convenient loading, and unloading of goods;
  • Can make the production staging more specification;
  • The folding collection does not occupy space;
  • Applicable to the production line of spare parts classify deposits and be clear at a glance.
  • Easy assembly line conveniently, improve work efficiency;
  • Rapid and convenient dismounting, saving storage space is more than a quarter.

The number of sides on the mesh container also matters

The number of sides of a cart depends strictly on its use. It depends a lot on what it is supposed to be transporting and how well the product is to be protected. For example, to transport bulky items, 2-sided roll containers with only a base, wheels, and two fixed walls are often used. Straps can be used to secure cargo. However, for the collection of small items, 3-sided or 4-sided roll containers with metal shelves are usually ordered to separate the inner volume of the container, which not only increases the safety of workers but also protects the collected items in the lower part of the container comes from the weight of the stacked items.

Containers with more wire mesh on them mean you don't need to use as much stretch film as you used to, which has a positive effect on saving you money and protecting the environment by reducing the amount of unnecessary packaging.

Security roll containers, in turn, are so-called anti-theft products that are protected from theft because all sides of the container, including the upper surface, are closed with a net with a padlock or sealing lid. This allows for the safe transport of valuable products without the risk of damage or theft.

Customized Roll Container or Roll Container Options

Our factory can customize and produce roll containers of various specifications according to business needs, interested in finding out more about Roll Container or Roll Container Options for your warehouse? Request more information today.

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