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Radio Shuttle Racking System

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Radio shuttle racking system is a semi-automated high-density storage solution for storing goods, which uses an automatic device to move in the channel back and forth for transportation, with forklift picks up at the end. This radio shuttle solution considerably reduces operating times and enables SKUs to be grouped by channels rather than by entire lanes.

This Radio Shuttle is a self-powered device that runs on rails in the storage lanes for the loading and unloading of pallets. The automated system guarantees the highest possible storage density. Radio Shuttle is especially effective for distribution or logistics centers, where you may need quick and efficient supply and distribution.

This pallet storage and retrieval system allow maximum storage capacity optimization as it reduces the need for aisles between racks. They are often used in warehouses and distribution centers for food and beverages, or in warehouses with special storage conditions. This system allows you to store pallets in varying depths depending on specific needs or seasonal loads. At the same time, each tray can be quickly accessed.

Advantages of Radio Shuttle Racking System

Radio Shuttle Racking System - Harbin low-temp Project
  • Improved space utilization, can store up to 90% of the storage space
  • Can store with both First-in, First-out (FIFO) and Last-in, First-out (LIFO) system
  • Potential to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Reduced forklift travel times
  • Faster loading times
  • Increased pay loads per operator per day
  • Reduced damage to racking
  • Reduced damage to stored products
  • Improved safety in the warehouse

The radio shuttle rack is widely used in food & beverage, cold stores, chemicals, automobiles, logistics centers, and the chemical industry, which will improve work efficiency and save labor costs.

Shuttle racking can change warehouse performance and capacity, especially first-in-last-out (FILO) and first-in-first-out (FIFO) systems.

By designing large, high-density racks with virtually zero aisles, shuttle racking can significantly increase the number of pallet positions on systems such as APR, push-back racking, and drive-in racking.

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Radio Shuttle Project

Our Radio Shuttle comes in 8 styles: Economic Type, Standard Type, High-configuration type, Heavy loading type, and Low temp. type, Wifi type, Stacker type, M/S type. The following two tables are their technical parameters.

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