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What are the characteristics of different types of logistics trolleys?

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Logistics Trolley

The logistics trolley is also called table trolley, cargo trolley, roll container, or cage trolley. It is a unit of mobile assembly equipment equipped with four casters for transporting and storing materials. It is often used in the logistics distribution of large supermarkets or the logistics turnover between factory processes.

The table trolley adapts to the ambient temperature: -25°C-80°C (try to avoid direct sunlight and be close to heat sources).

The display of products stored in the table trolley is eye-catching. During transportation: on the one hand, it protects the safety of materials. On the other hand, it will not cause clutter for the sorted and equipped products. Loading and unloading are very labor-saving; the wheels are usually designed as two directional wheels and two universal wheels to facilitate manual implementation. The logistics trolley can carry the weight according to the design of the goods.

The common types are fixed, detachable, and folding logistics trolleys. The difference between them is the structure. The roll container itself plays a great role in warehousing logistics and has various advantages. For example, it is convenient for transportation, high visibility, and folding. cargo trolley is widely used. So what are the characteristics of different types of table trolleys?

Folding Logistics Trolley

The difference between the folding logistics trolley and the fixed logistics trolley is that the Folding Roll Container is not fixed and it can be folded. The former is L-shaped and the latter is U-shaped. The stability of the roll container with this structure is its biggest advantage. It will not dump, so transportation can be carried out more smoothly; Compared with the first structure, the manufacturing of this structure is more difficult.

Fixed Logistics Trolley

From the appearance, the fixed logistics trolley has strong aesthetics in both shape and surface treatment; From the point of view of connection points, all adopt welding treatment, so the structure is more firm; At the same time, there are no obvious welding points on the surface of the cage trolley, because it has all adopted invisible treatment; Strong stability; Long service life, which can reach 5-8 years; It is suitable for distribution, transfer and long-distance transportation.

Detachable Logistics Trolley

The specific detachable structure includes a base and four side nets. Detachable logistics trolley can make the loading and unloading process more convenient and simple; From the process of handling, the labor time cost can be reduced to a certain extent, so as to improve the production capacity to a certain extent; This structure has a wide range of applications and is a very common cargo transfer tool.

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